Saturday, August 28, 2010

A German visited Reading Room in Shimla

A German social worker Mr. Christian Bilz a Board Member of little heaven visited the Reading Room in Shimla city in Mayfiled School on 21st August, 2010. He observed the Reading Room activities. He enjoyed the methodes adopted to enhance the reading habits among the primary school children and teh coordination with the government departments  The Library Management Committee was the another activity of attraction and the sharing of responsibility for the library managemnet like cleaning of Reading Rooms, repairing of library books, record keeping of the library books by the children. The children were found keen to talk with him and they had talked a lot in their mother tong and translated by Ms. Jayoti a point teacher for library activity and Junior Base Teacher. We met with the other school teacher Mrs. Urmila and Mrs. Bhubneshwari all were good and cooperative. The school was open after seven day long monsoon break. About 30 students were present that day in the school. The patients of about 80% of children are casual labourer working in construction and belong from Bihar, Nepal and Jharkhand. Most of these parents are poor and illiterate as stated by the school teachers. Some children are working as child labour in the streets of Shimla city according to the teachers.

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